Montana Art Project has now moved its painting classes online to help people stay sane in these times of social isolation. They have limited the class sizes and decided to use Zoom to keep the classes as social as possible.

Classes use paint pouring, or accidental painting as originally named, bringing something new and exciting yet practical to instruct online. This form of painting is also fun for anyone from five years and up, says founder Stewart Shuker. Although adults make up most of their classes, children have responded positively to the painting sessions. These classes help to bring creative relief from the isolation to people at an affordable price.

Their ‘paint and sip’ projects are designed to be contemporary, ‘loose’ and ‘tight’; loose so you can get creative like flicking paint about and trying new things, and then ‘tighten’ up the image with tools like stencils to make it an artwork anyone would be proud to display on their walls. They aim to create an atmosphere in their paint and sip nights of being creative and expressive, within a process that ensures everyone will be happy with the fruits of their own efforts. Some say, it’s creativity catered.

Previously $69 for a class doing two canvases, the online classes are now just $29.99 for one canvas. Despite competition increasing their prices dramatically because people need to buy so much equipment, Montana Art Project have managed to halve theirs.

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