The Moonlight Cinema experience is great for friends, family or a very cute date night. The grassy amphitheatre in Roma Street Parklands is the perfect spot for the open air cinema. The acoustics are clear while still getting the massive screen and great quality image you expect from an indoor theatre. All of your comforts are available from hot food, sweet treats and a cheeky cocktail if you are so inclined. The ‘for hire’ bean bag chairs are great, allowing for the full experience of a comfortable evening. The sun setting behind the venue before the movie really encouraged getting in early for the view and the best seats in the house.

For something extra special try out the GoldGrass experience which leaves nothing out, your bean bag chair is included and you do not have to move a muscle as you can order food and drink from the comfort of your chair.

The movie featured on Thursday 6 December was Instant Family, Ellie (Rose Byrne) and Pete (Mark Wahlburg) have to learn how to become parents very quickly, after looking into becoming foster parents. The married couple embark on starting a family when they attend a Foster Fair where they are able to meet children looking for foster parents. The couple become interested in fostering a young teen, the sassy Lizzy, who they later discover comes as a package deal with two younger siblings.

They embark upon a hilarious, charming and emotional journey, that brings you in on the family’s voyage. Its no easy feat to include complex subject of foster care and adoption in a factual and insightful way. However, Director and Writer Sean Anders adapt the movie into an uplifting representation of the ups and downs of the fostering world, based in part on some of Anders personal experiences.

Instant Family is a great uplifting family comedy, with a few jokes for the parents, and plenty of all round funny moments for the family.

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