Secluded at the end of Jurgen Street lies Woolloongabba’s newest cafe, Moose and Gibson, which has only been open for little under a month.

With its large street-facing open front, it has a welcoming feel to it, even on wet miserable days.

Oh, and not forgetting the staff – themselves warm and friendly, greeting you like a long-lost friend.

All of this is complemented by the modern interior décor, of large mirrors, and bare-lighting, finished off with classy wood touches making for an altogether laid-back feeling – a haven in which to take a seat and contemplate life’s deeper meanings.

Or simply sip on a coffee, and enjoy some great food.

Feeling a little under the weather, I opted for a long black.

The beans are supplied by Sydney-based roasters, Two Seasons, who specialise in single-origin beans from Sumatra.

Focusing on a single area makes for a “consistent taste, all year round,” explains barista, Paul Duthie.

These particular beans make a deep and rich initial hit, followed by a more subtle fruity aftertaste, kickstarting this  morning.

Topping off the coffee, I also tried their banana bread, nice and warm, fresh from the toaster, making easy work of melting the butter I had smothered on top of it.