Last Friday, the Boundary Street Markets had the pleasure of having the b105 Morning Breakfast Pop Up team to welcome the first day of August.

The area was filled with lively chatter from the b105 pop up stage – beside The Motor Room – and the occasional roars of laughter from the audience who were sitting on wooden crates with cups of free coffee.

2014-07-31 13.07.29

Free? Why yes, plus there were also food vendors from the Boundary Street Markets who provided nibble-sized samples of their food to the hungry crowd. I had a big breakfast of fried calamari, a Venezuelan empanada, delicious paella and some sweet treats without opening my purse.

2014-07-31 13.45.49

Labby, Stav and Abby with writer Rachel Lee

The program lined up for the morning, which was from 6-9 am, really got the crowd animated. Labby, Stav and Abby were chatting with some people on stage while others from the b105 or Channel 9 crew were in different areas of the markets. There were many activities: two young boys took a chance at reading the news and I was roped in to reading too. There was a kissing booth (which was actually a prop for a photo booth) and a booth beside that for free photo prints. Some contestants from The Block were there to chat to fans, plus the b105 crew walked around with crates of fruit and brownies to give away.

Overall, it was a fun-filled morning with great entertainment and the opportunity to meet locals in the area before the start of the work day.

Words and photos by Rachel Lee