Ten-year old Max, was born with rare genetic condition heterotaxy, will be bringing his bright smile and infectious laugh to Lumber Punks West End’s fundraising event Moving For Max on Sunday 10 March.

Max was born with heterotaxy among many health complications, where his internal organs are not arranged as would be expected in his chest and abdomen. It is an umbrella term where numerous complications within the organs can exist. Max presents with complex congenital heart defect, where his heart is on the ‘wrong side’, there is a double outlet right ventricle and only two chambers of his heart are working to pump his blood around his body. This means Max’s heart is under extreme pressure and to date, Max has had four open heart surgeries, a number of cardiac catheters and multiple strokes.

But that is not all Max lives with on a daily basis. The 10-year old uses a wheelchair for mobility and feeds through a nasogastric tube. He lives with cerebral palsy, autism, epilepsy, PTSD and anxiety disorder. Max is a bright boy with an adventurous spirit and enjoys making Ninja-go Lego with his younger brothers Patrick and Jax. Last year Max underwent surgery to attempt to re-position his curled foot to help him walk. This included Achilles lengthening and tightening and loosening of various tendons and ligaments. Since then Max has struggled with straightening his leg out and can not proceed with mobility exercises until correct mobility aids are bought and he is accepted into a pain clinic for pain management and psych input to help with his anxiety. These are all take up huge amounts of time, money and energy for the entire family.

Paralympic silver medalist Monique Murphy met Max at the Queensland Children’s Hospital in early 2018. Together with Brisbane’s Inspire Cycle, Urban Xtreme Adventure Park and Lumber Punks, she is aiming to raise vital funds for Max, promote inclusive community engagement and normalise disability. This fundraiser will provide support, and help to Max, his brothers and parents Kirsten and Matt.

The Moving For Max Lumber Punks event will be held from 11am to 1pm on Sunday 10 March. Each session will cost $45, with all funds donated directly to Moving For Max. Individuals are encouraged to donate to the cause online.

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