Although The Joynt was a staple in the Brisbane music scene for years, its departure has made room for a great new venue. The Milk Factory has just recently opened and has already been making waves with its great live music and delicious bar food.

Sunday featured the bluesy Jimmy Watts Band and the soulful Peter B. The weather was great for Sunday afternoon beers and the music did not disappoint.

First up was Peter B. His set was understated and enjoyable, with Peter on the acoustic guitar accompanied by keys and an accordion. His voice was gentle, yet rich and expressive. He has been described as a mix of Ben Harper and Stevie Wonder, and I can honestly say that the comparison was not far off.

Jimmy Watts burst onto the stage in comparison to Peter’s beautifully melancholy set. His gravely vocals perfectly suited his grass roots blues music. Reminding me of a swampy and bluesy Tom Waits. It was a swinging, foot-stomping set, with Jimmy’s self-taught fingerpicking style coming through very clearly.

Jimmy is returning to the touring circuit after experiencing severe illness and will be touring again over summer with his band. For more information I recommend checking him out on Facebook or check out their stuff at

Although I am sure some people mourn the loss of The Joynt, the new owners are carrying on the venue’s tradition for great live music with style. The bar staff are friendly, the food comes highly recommended and, from what I’ve seen, the music is free.


Words and Images Chelsea Heaney