If musical improvisation is a shape shifter, then the Vulture St. Tape Gang throws some serious shapes.

The three-piece band played at the Bearded Lady on Monday night to a Monday-sized crowd. However, it really was not what anyone could call a disappointing turn out. If anything, each pocket of people seemed to enjoy that there was enough room to Daria two-step, or just sit inhaling stout and cider. The Vulture St. Tape Gang started without a word, and continued their set that way. This was, of course, down to the fact that the group was missing one third of their group, vocalist Lane McHypeman. However, with Michael Medlycott on keys and Myka Wallace skin hitting, a transcendent, psychedelic funk spread like stardust across the venue’s back room, and turned Monday into a likeable villain. Wallace’s drumming is astounding to behold, and Medlycott’s hands are so nimble it is never quite clear where they are.


Medlycott has a background in jazz music, and the idea of improvising and recording at shows seems to evidently stem from this. Despite the lack of guitars there is a chilled out Connan Mockasin feel, lovable 80s synth, Tame Impala comes to mind and then it is all mixed together with the kind of minimalist electronica found in Berlin’s best nightclubs. It would have been great, even preferable, for the band to have played longer, at least long enough for one more whiskey and apple.

The Vulture St. Tape Gang will be playing next Monday night 29 June at 7pm at The Bearded Lady. Because it is all improvised, you’ll never hear the same track twice, and it is highly unlikely you’ll ever hear anything like it again.

Check them out on SoundCloud, Bandcamp, Facebook, YouTube and of course, at The Bearded Lady.

Words by Anna Saxby