In 1999, I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Photography from RMIT University in Melbourne. In 2000, I completed my Post Graduate Studies, and also became a father for the first time.

I was at the cross roads with my photography as my passion and skills are more suited towards Art Photography instead of Commercial. My wife at the time also had a very solid career ahead of her, so a simple decision was made for me to become a House Dad and combine looking after our child with my Art. It appeared to be a simple task.

Eleven years later, two Australian states, four children and only two photographic series completed since, I realise that juggling the two things was a naive decision. Being a full-time father has taken up more time than I had originally thought, especially when living away from family support. I wouldn’t change it as watching our children develop as a new age Aussie male has rewards that are so wonderful I don’t know how to describe them. Unfortunately, however I did give up on the notion of being an artist. Living in Brisbane is so fantastic that I didn’t even consider living anywhere else.

After five years of enjoying the good life that West End has to offer, I found myself snapping away on a little compact digital camera during my nightly doggy walk around our neighborhood and then posting them on Facebook to show my friends this wonderful place we lived in. The response was so tremendous, that it sparked the lost dream of combining both careers and prompted me to take photography a bit more seriously again. I decided to apply to the Queensland Centre for Photography which has been very supportive of me in the past, but has only exhibited things that I had photographed prior to 2005. As a respected local photographic gallery, I was hoping to get an exhibition space, but if not at least I would receive some professional feedback on where my work was at. In short, they loved my new photographs and offered me the gallery space that runs along Cordelia Street from the 5 May until 3 June, 2012.

Given this, I am very excited to show my work to the community that I have received so much from in only just five years and nervous at the same time as we consider it to be home. Most importantly I am proud to be able to show my children what it is that I do.

Images and Words by Keith Carey

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