Formed in mid 2008, the glory days of Myspace, side fringes and fluro,  Alex Hopkins and Blake Wood cemented themselves as premier resident DJ’s in Sydney. Soon after they were quickly swept in a whirlwind of success, from airplay on BBC Radio One for their debut EP, to supporting artist such as Steve Aoki and Tiga, and playing shows all across Australia, Europe and Mexico.

Going by the name NADISKO, the duo have been dubbed electronic masters, recently releasing a new single on 0 August, Take Me Away, which the band describes as a “more mature sound”. “After a four year hiatus, we have developed a more mature sound, using knowledge one gains after 50 releases and a love of dance music. We are super keen to release new music and share it with everyone.”

NADISKO’s sound can only be described as hypnotic percussion, underneath wistful vocals.  The music is soft yet still has a beat to bop to, making it a perfect summer hit. The band describe the inspiration behind the track as “an intimate, summery, poolside tune with a hypnotic guitar riff and dreamy soulful voices”, and admit that it is a new direction that they are vibing musically. “It was inspired by equality and relationships.  With the world being so busy and with so much division, we often struggle and forget to spend time with those closest to us.  It was inspired by a very tough time for us in our lives and was used as a form of escapism.  It comes back to the idea of a perfect dream or ‘idealism’ of what relationships should be like”.

If you are a fan of RÜFÜS DU SOL and Crooked Colours, make sure to check out NADISKO as an absolute must have on any summer playlist. View the gorgeous lyric video for Take me Away here.

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