Lately, I have lacked the energy and drive to rise from my covers and tackle the day. I can truthfully tell you that it is not because of winter and the chilly mornings that come with the season.

Fortunately, it is also not because of the flu (hopefully I am not speaking too soon). I blame one word: Netflix. For someone who does not enjoy sitting down for lengthy period of times, Netflix has me hooked on watching endless amounts of television series.

Netflix landed on Australian shores in late March. Customers of the online service are able to access an array of entertainment for less than $10 a month – such a cheap price to pay for endless entertainment. The only con: lack of motivation to actually get out of bed in the morning!

There are various plans that allow different access to movies and shows but all new subscribers are eligible for 30 days of free viewing!

So what’s trending right now?

1. Orange is the New Black
If the life of a female inmate intrigues you, then be sure to watch the first episode. You will get hooked, you will binge watch the series and you will enjoy it. It tends to lack spice throughout season two, but Australian icon Ruby Rose stars in season three. Enough said!

2. The 100
Enjoy a futuristic twist? Ever questioned what is going to wipe out life on Earth? “The 100” presents a theory on just this. It is set 97 years after a nuclear war has destroyed almost all the life the Earth and the only survivors are the residents of 12 space stations in Earth’s orbit prior to the war.

3. Almost Famous
Not sure if you could class this as “trending”, but if you are looking for a fabulous and fun movie about the sick seventies, this is it. Forget about groupies, this movie introduces the concept of “band aids” in an era where music required raw talent. I promise every girl will want to be Penny Lane after this flick.

Now, if you haven’t been absorbed by this addictive service, I admire your ability to not follow the trend. I avoided it until every second friend of mine mentioned it when we caught up, constantly querying me on whether I was up to date with season three of Orange is the New Black. I succumbed to peer pressure and have honestly never looked back. Being a subscriber may come with wasting endless hours behind my computer but at least they are guilt-free hours now that I am on uni break, right? I recommend at least signing up for the free 30-day trial so that you are able to binge watch the latest season of your favourite series!

Words by Ailish Parr