The arrival of Milanese chef Jacopo Corbetta at Stores Grocer gives West End Locals and visitors alike the chance to take home fabulous Italian food, every day.

Think pasta, gnocchi, ready-to-cook Italian-inspired meals and hero ingredients, with everything made in-store using all the great components he has at hand, including seasonal produce and seafood, and the pick of artisanal meat and cheese. The Stores Grocer ready-made meals include dishes such as eggplant parmigiana and lasagne alla bolognese, and cannelloni filled with buffalo ricotta and spinach. Choose sauces like salsa pomodoro or ragu alla bolognese to go with fresh pasta ranging from squid ink tagliolini, fresh gnocchi, egg pasta (plain or kale), spontaneous creations and even vegan pasta.

Chef Corbetta says “working at The Stores is still like being in a restaurant…in that we look for the best ingredients and the best producers, and follow what’s in season. But the food is served in a different way, we get to talk to the customers, and make sure they know how to properly prepare a particular  dish or ingredient.”

Corbetta works with the craftsman butcher Dylan Seager at the Stores Grocer, who’s also a qualified fine-dining chef and can guide customers through the provenance and flavour of every cut and how best to cook it. The butchers also have their own smoker for chicken and salmon, and they age whole joints of sirloin, t-bone and rib on the bone in an aging cabinet for six weeks to impart a rich flavour and eye-fillet levels of tenderness, whatever the cut. They also manage the seafood, creating their own beetroot-cured salmon and smoked salmon. All the seafood is fresh not frozen, including the freshest local reef fish whole or filleted.

Sustainability and food miles are important to Corbetta who says, “Eat what’s in season where you are, instead of importing products from overseas when out of season in Australia.”

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