Come for the noodles, stay for the live entertainment and dessert. The Night Noodle Markets hosted by Good Food Month have returned to South Bank for 12 nights of street food feasting. Open every night until 4 August, The Night Noodle Markets offers a variety of cuisines and vendors with noted additions including Gelato Messina, Fusion Paella and Tapa’s, Waffleland and Puffle.

The festival is free to enter and cashless, ensuring lines move fast. It also has a variety of bars and is dog friendly for those visitors wishing to bring their furry friends. Whilst noodle lovers can have their fill, some of the smaller choices really stand out. The BBQ pork skewers offered by Hoy Pinoy BBQ shine with their smoky, charred flavour mixed with succulent meat. Double up on Steamed Dum Sim’s pork chive dumplings where a chewy bread meets a tangy filling.

For something different, festival goers cannot go past the Tokyo Tacos from Donburi. The traditional Mexican dish is shaken up with beef layered on top of corn chips and rice. One part spicy, all parts special, this dish is a highlight. For a sweet treat to polish off the night, Gelato Messina’s  Brazo De Messina is stunning. Coconut gelato and condensed milk custard is sandwiched between a short bread crust and baked meringue.

The Night Noodle Market represents the biggest event in the Good Food Month schedule with 120,000 noodle lovers expected to attend.

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