Greek Super Chef Dimitris Katrivesis (El Buli, Ryugin, Fuga) flew in from Athens to join Nostimo Restaurant’s Chef-in-Residence David Tsirekas for a week of flavour which kicked off with his Signature Degustation on Friday 17 May. Chef Dimitris Katrivesis is famed globally as a master of Greek cuisine, both traditional and modern, and his CV includes some of the world’s very best restaurants. After studying culinary arts in Athens in 1996, his passion for global flavours and learning has taken him from five-time world number one restaurant, the three-Michelin starred El Bulli in Spain, to Luxembourg, Paris and Tokyo where he worked at the acclaimed three-Michelin starred restaurant Ryugin. Chef Katrivesis was convinced to visit Brisbane by his friend, Chef Tsirekas, himself famed for changing the approach to Greek cuisine here in Australia and internationally (of course Chef Tsirekas heads up Sydney’s acclaimed 1821 and was also poached  by mega restaurateur Louie Alexakis two years ago to oversee the opening of two Greek restaurants in Chicago).

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