The Greek Club‘s signature restaurant Nostimo has been reimagined as a rich cultural dining experience, reopening to coincide with the club’s renovation earlier this year.

Located as it is in the heart of Brisbane’s vibrant Greek community in 4101, Nostimo Restaurant & Bar has a keen market for its traditional Greek cuisine with a modern and sophisticated twist. The 180 seat restaurant, revealed as part of The Greek Club’s $3 million renovation, has fresh white rendered walls, and more than 24,000 cascading worry beads, thatched ceilings and terrazzo finishes — offering diners the authentic Mediterranean setting they crave.

The restaurant represents the spiritual home of the Greek community and cuisine in the city, making the dining experience truly authentic. The man behind the food is Chef in Residence David Tsirekas, previously acclaimed Group Executive Chef for Universal Hotels, specifically Sydney’s 1821. David was awarded his first Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide hat in 2001 for his work at Perama Restaurant, and has welcomed several accolades celebrating his sensational gastronomy since.

The Greek Club General Manager Andrew Tambakis felt confident David would continue to work wonders at the new restaurant. “We are very excited and humbled to have welcomed David to our team. As Executive Chef of 1821 in Sydney, David continues to impress with high quality innovative dishes that always deliver on flavour, yet remain so authentic and true to Greek flavours,” said Mr Tambakis. “It is his commitment to celebrating local produce and his experience in understanding the history of Greek cuisine, together with his vision for shaking up Brisbane’s Hellenic dining culinary scene that makes him such a wonderful leader for Nostimo Restaurant & Bar. He has worked hand in glove with the kitchen team on opening menus, signature dishes and dining experiences and is in residence at Nostimo every month.”

Walking into Nostimo is like walking into your mother’s home and hearing the beautiful question, “Have you eaten?” asked from the kitchen. Once you take your seat at Nostimo Restaurant & Bar, you will not leave until you feel properly fed and deliciously content. Restaurant Manager Kostas Manekas said that at Nostimo, each dish is more than just food on a plate. He says there is a story or rich history behind every dish, which makes each one more enriching with every bite.

One of Nostimo’s signature spreads under the culinary baton of Tsirekas is the Swordfish Kalamaki — skewers of barbecued swordfish marinated in olive oil, fresh ginger, lemon zest, shallots and tarragon, served on a bed of traditional fassolada, a traditional Greek soup make from black eye beans. Other popular dishes include Beef Cheek Stifado, Pork Belly Baklava and Ancient Salmon.
Nostimo Restaurant & Bar has positioned itself comfortingly as a place for creating memories, enjoying authentic food made with love and learning new things about Greek culture — all with a glass of Greek wine, of course.

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