When it comes to general wellness and health, GreenRidge Herbal Specialist have got your back, and your neck, and the rest of your person. 

The natural remedy gurus at GreenRidge have expanded their product line of late with a range of antioxidant formulas. In particular, the Olive Leaf natural antioxidant tonic. On the surface, this product promotes health and vitality. The brand’s specialists boast that it is “great for those who want maintenance and improvement of general wellbeing”. The Olive Leaf antioxidant compliments a healthy diet and minimises cough and fever symptoms. Keep in mind though that the product contains alcohol and is only suitable for adult consumption. The recommended dosage of 2mL goes straight into your glass of water or juice each morning or in between meals and is easy to digest.

However, if you’re looking for more than just olivey goodness, then the product’s sister tonics can help to strengthen immune systems and repair muscle tissue.  Whole body health can slip by the wayside in our busy, overly stimulated lives, but with two little magic millimetres of this antioxidant and a healthy diet, you’ll be feeling mighty fine in no time.

GreenRidge products can be found at Terry White Chemists.

Words by Anna Saxby