What a strange world we live in. Fashion and style is often surprising, taking the crowd in directions that no one could predict. Sometimes a combination comes along that is at once both quite wrong and oh so right — like peanut butter and chocolate, ombre and dip dyed hair … and high heels on a sneaker. The juxtaposition of street and glamour is an obvious pairing but until you see someone actually rocking the look (or “walking the talk” if you like), it seems an odd choice. How does one wear them I hear you ask? On your feet is my snappy reply — but that seems obvious. So let’s break it down some more.

For what occasion do you pull these babies out? Daytime or after dark? Can you sneak them into business attire and be appropriate? Do you even want to be appropriate? Who knew that sneakers could provoke so many profound questions!

Let’s also be clear, when I say high-heeled, I mean height added by a wedge heel. This is not a stiletto offshoot. Starting as one of those trends that most people mock and ridicule, the HHS has now slipped innocuously into the mainstream and peeps of all ages are wearing them.

Stick to the safety of black if you’re still unsure or start living into your bold style potential but choosing a fabulous shade of neon (orange is a particular fave) or seek out embellishments like studs, sequins or textured patches. Suede is a lovely soft option whereas distressed leather or shiny pop plastic is more out there. Pop into a few shops in our area and see what the options are – there are sure to be lots.

Whatever way you decide to go, do it with confidence and nonchalance. For when people don’t care about the reaction of others, somehow whatever they’re wearing looks good. And if in doubt, wear it with red lippie!


The Stylery Co.“Change Your Look, Change Your Life” | Image via pinterest.com