Onespace will present a range of upcoming exhibitions to feature in its 2017 Program.

Currently on show, reveal by Renata Buziak presents a dramatic new series of self-portrait photograms that capture the artist’s performative physical presence. Departing from, and yet showing parallels with, her previous photographic work, reveal marks an exciting direction in this artist’s career. The images exhibit a painterly use of photography, utilising light, albeit with the rapid-fire aesthetic of the photogram medium.

The subsequent exhibition running for the majority of November is SITE SEER by Samuel Tupou. Coinciding with Onespace Gallery’s first birthday celebration, SITE SEER will showcase colourful serigraphs that explore themes of migration, culture clash, decoration and value, with particular focus on elements that unite the Pacific, such as recurring design motifs, traditional patterning and the convergence of cultures.
Tupou employs patterns inspired by traditional Pacific Island ‘Tapa’ or bark cloth, set against the stylised images and wildly artificial colours of western pop culture.

As a celebration of the fantastic artists that Onespace and CREATIVEMOVE have had the pleasure to collaborate with this year, the 2017 program will culminate with a group exhibition titled Afterimage: Fine Art Prints boasting a range of high quality, affordable prints just in time for Christmas. For all enquiries, please contact Gallery Officer Jamie Mercer.