A four-week workshop has been started up by The Brisbane River City Clippers Barbershop Chorus. They are teaching the fundamentals of harmony singing and news of it is spreading like wildfire. Men from all over Brisbane are coming together to sing, and with more men joining each week, Musical Director Richard Reeve is excited to announce that they are going to run another course in August. The course covers all the foundations of good singing such as posture and breathing.

One of the newest members of the clippers chorus is Damien Jones who says how he “cant get enough of it, the sound we make as a group is amazing and I leave every rehearsal with a spring in my step!” All of the men are singing acapella and are reaping the benefits of listening to one another and having open discussions about something they are passionate about. So many studies have shown that the actual act of singing produces feel good endorphins, but singing in front of people naturally builds confidence which has broad and long lasting effects on general well-being.

What Richard Reeve also said was that it is such a “positive place for Aussie blokes to come together, produce a sound that they wouldn’t be able to do on their own, and get enormous social and mental health benefits.” The group meet every Tuesday at St Lawrence’s College.

Richard can be contacted on 0411 519 851 for more details.

By Izzy Hodder
Image supplied