A special team of individuals are bringing communities together this festive season with an initiative called Orphan Christmas. Referred to as ‘Tinder for Christmas’, the movement encourages people to open their hearts and doors to other ‘orphans’ on Christmas Day.

The website is a way for people who can’t spend Christmas with friends or family to connect with one another to avoid spending the big day alone. From divorcees, students and travellers, to the elderly or those who are hospitalized or homeless, many people, for a multitude of reasons may find themselves alone this festive season.

Those wishing to beat the Christmas blues and celebrate in style can create and advertise their event on www.orphanchristmas.com, where others in similar situations can choose to attend. To make sure the day runs smoothly and is filled with plenty of entertainment, everyone is encouraged to bring a small $10 Kris Kringle gift and a plate of Christmas treats to share. Christmas crackers, noisy poppers, paper hats and a visit from Santa Clause himself, will also be part of the celebrations throughout the day.
The event is a perfect way for ‘orphans’ to meet up, forge long lasting friendships, new Christmas traditions and distract from the feelings of loneliness many often experience at this time of year.

In case it wasn’t enough that the initiative hopes to make hundreds happier on Christmas Day, Orphan Christmas is also aiming to raise funds for charity, A Touch of Goodness. People in attendance are also asked to bring a $10 donation which will go towards providing homeless communities with food this Christmas and during the year.