Developed by DeepBlue and The Queensland Choir, Our Place is a production which will feature as a part of the Queensland Music Festival from Friday 5 to Sunday 7 July.

Our Place explores the ever-changing relationship between neighbours and the connection to place. Featuring DeepBlue’s lush strings and unique choreography, the production combines these sounds with a selection of The Queensland Choir’s finest singers. The performance showcases Tjupurru, acclaimed didjeribone performer and a cast of actors and visual artists from Digi Youth Arts.

Our Place weaves stories from the Indigenous connection to country, to the suburban Australian Dream, to the rising popularity of inner-city apartment living in an astounding musical and artistic collaboration, which explores how neighbours relate now and in the past, and how the constantly changing landscape impacts our connection to people and place.

Co-producer and DeepBlue violinist Greta Kelly explains the dynamics of the show. “We’ve collected local oral histories which have directly inspired new compositions. During the performance we invite the audience to share their stories and these are incorporated into the show,” she said.

Immersive visuals developed by Joseph Burgess illustrate the three very different movements; the bush, backyard and balcony. The Electronic Show Programme (ESP), delivers real-time information about the production and also enables a dialogue between the performers and audience. Audience members respond to questions about each stage of the show, and a selection of the responses are displayed as part of the production’s visuals.

Musical director of The Queensland Choir Kevin Power, says the group is excited to be involved in Our Place. “The Choir is excited to be involved in the creation and presentation of Our Place because it’s an opportunity for us to perform in new repertoire in really innovative ways,” he said.

Tjupurru, who tours nationally and internationally, creating incredible soundscapes using digeribone, a unique marriage of the didgeridoo and trombone, looping and effects pedals has been a huge part of shaping the show. “Our Place has given me an opportunity to work at home alongside an amazing group of local musicians, composers, singers, tech designers and more and I can’t wait to share our stories collectively onstage very soon!” said Tjupurru.

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