To me there is always something exciting stumbling across something new, regardless of what it is. It is especially exciting when it involves food. Trudging through Woolloongabba’s more industrial side on a rather miserable and rainy day I stumbled across Pennisi Cuisine, brightening up my day. The family-run store is trove for foods from all across the globe, specialising in foods from Europe, Latin America and the Middle East; be it pastas, spices, cheeses, cured meats or frozen goods.

“We’re very multicultural,” says the son of John and Kat Pennisi, Angelo.

“We get everyone, we get people from all walks of life.”

Also stocked is a wide array of coffees, including blends from Europe, mainly Italian, and then of course Brazilian and Colombian blends too. Having a received a fresh lick of paint is the coffee bean dispenser that lurks at the shop entrance, waiting to house a variety of beans once the paint has dried. “We sell beans and can grind them for you,” explains Angelo, taking them that one step closer to being in that favourite mug of yours.


“There is more to life than coffee,” Angelo says jokingly, but to the point.

And quite rightly so, with some 22 different of varieties of hot chocolate also in stock amongst the diverse range of beverages available.

So take a holiday, a holiday of a different sort, something I like to call a palate holiday and pay Pennisi Cuisine a visit at 17 Balaclava Street, Woolloongabba. (07) 3891 7639



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