A dog’s world just got a whole lot better with the social dog app, PatchPets officially available to Australian dog owners nation-wide.

The new app’s usership exceeded the projected uptake by 200 per cent during its trial period and the official launch marks an exciting time for dog parents with new ‘pawsome’ features including virtual park noticeboards, user social media feeds, breed specific group pages and event sharing. 21-year-old founder, Josh Fritz, is eager to enhance the lives of dogs with PatchPets, an innovative platform that enables owners and businesses to connect, exchange information and plan meet-ups in one swift click.

“Dog parents are turning to online resources and social media communities because they want quick and simple access to real-world and real-time information, so we certainly saw an opportunity to create a one-stop-shop to streamline this process,” he said.

Fritz says PatchPets is more than an app for news-sharing and meet-ups, it is a movement towards a safer dog community.  “PatchPets endeavors to build a safer and stronger canine community by encouraging socialisation via meet-ups and in-app interaction,” Mr Fritz said.

One of the app’s updated features allow users to view real time dog park footage and access noticeboards for each dog park to share timely updates and prevent tragedies such as Queensland’s recent dog baiting incidents. The app is not only beneficial for owners, but for the pet care industry too, as it provides a platform for pet businesses to share their products and services and engage directly with their target audience for free. The app will aid in supporting the pet care industries rapid growth and the demand that comes with dog owners spending more than $12 billion on pet-related expenses per year. PatchPets is exclusively for dog owners, enabling users to connect via their dog profiles.

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