Out to prove that cycling, fashion and art can be mixed, Creator of Birds on Bikes Barbara Spooner brought Pedal Power Street Style to this year’s Brisbane Cycling Festival at Vacant Assembly on Friday 5 April.

Beginning with a flash mob by 2 Ballerinas, Pedal Power Street Style was an opportunity for Spooner to showcase her brand to the cycling community. “My vision was to create something a bit different and showcase cycling in a different light, to show the people of Brisbane that there is so much more to cycling,” she said. “That it’s about life, it’s about friendship, it’s about coffee, it’s about inclusion, it’s about having a laugh, and it’s about picking each other up when times are down. It’s about creating a community.”

Spooner was inspired to launch the brand because she was frustrated by existing cycling apparel that did not offer a diverse range of styles to fit all shapes and sizes. Birds on Bikes is an exercise range that is designed to make women feel comfortable and stylish on and off the bike.

Those who attended Pedal Power Street Style also enjoyed browsing through an array of local Brisbane cycling brands. The event featured art from the local cycling community. Guests also enjoyed talks with well-known local cyclists and were served refreshments of wine and cheese throughout the evening.

Spooner promises Pedal Power Street Style will be an inaugural event at the Brisbane Cycling Festival. There is talk that next year’s event will include even more surprise elements that will keep putting a new perspective on cycling.

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