What do you get when you combine a home brewer, a scientist with a passion for food and someone who has wine in their blood? Some very pour choices!

The Pour Choices restaurant and bar is one of the latest additions to West End’s eating and drinking scene and is the brain child of Rory Guy, Tim Davies and Leo Channon. When asked how they came up with such a pun-tastic name, Rory claimed they were tossing a few ideas around when a friend came up with ‘Pour Choices’.

“We loved the name straight away, given we are surrounded by yoga, boxing, rockclimbing and indoor football — very healthy pursuits — and we thought we could help people balance things out with some ‘Pour Choices’ as we have such a focus on interesting craft beer, wine and spirits. Can’t beat a good pun!”

Serving up an array of Asian influenced modern Australian cuisine, Pour Choices offers up something for everyone.“The food is really top notch thanks to our chef. There are so many tasty things on offer it is hard to choose. Our menus are seasonal but from the current

menu, the Pork Jowl is amazing and for dessert, it has to be the Chocolate Garden. Lots of our customers agree on this dessert choice too!”

The three men behind the restaurant are of quite different work backgrounds (an accountant, an engineer and a lawyer) but Leo says it was their mutual love of food and craft beer that brought them together. “We are all from Brisbane. Rory and I have been good mates since high school. Rory is a keen home brewer when he finds the time and my family have a winery out at Stanthorpe so I’m keeping that side of things in the family. Tim is Rory’s brother-in-law and he loves craft beer and fine food and with his flare for cooking, he was the final piece of the puzzle!”
Pour Choices opened on April 12 and has been gaining popularity amongst West End locals and wider Brisbane diners. “Reaction from locals that have come in has been excellent. We took things slowly for the first month to ensure that everything was up and running smoothly. Now we want to get the word out there and let people know that we are here so they can taste for themselves the delicious options that we have on offer!”

On their West End location, Leo said, “We love the West End community and the laid back vibes. We get such a diverse group of people coming through our doors who are keen for interesting food and drink options. We love sharing our passion for food and drink with them. As more of the new developments are completed in the local area it is only going to become more vibrant.”
When asked what the future holds, the guys say they are not planning their next restaurant venture just yet. “We want to develop a solid reputation as a West End institution for fabulous food and interesting/tasty drink options for locals and for people from out of West End that are in the know.”

Pour Choices is located at 208 Montague Road and is serving up tasty cuisine and craft beverages for lunch and dinner Wednesday through Sunday. They launched their winter menu and tap takeover by Pirate Life and Modus Operandi on June 21.