The Praise You art show at the Lightspace in Fortitude Valley was a celebration of amazing female artists and their work. Organised by two power women, Alex Saba of Lusid Art and Carly Brown of UNE Piece, they combined their love for art and female liberation to create a show solely for women to support each other.

“I think there is a bit of a barrier between women supporting women and I think it’s time that we continue to open up that conversation. Praise You is nothing but women going ‘I love your work, you’re doing amazing’ and supporting and uplifting each-other,” said. So when Saba asked Brown to join forces, excitement began brewing. “It was the combination of everything I love: art, female empowerment and this concept of creating something that women can come together and support each other but also create truly beautiful things and a bit of magic,” said Brown.

With themes ranging from body image, self-confidence and sexuality, it was hard for Saba and Brown to pick a favourite art piece. Artist, Mosessa, created the amazing mural at the front of the event and said there is need for events like Praise You. “Alex approached me to do the show, there’s actually not a lot of group shows that have call outs in Brisbane. It’s a really good way to get my work seen by the local community. I post a lot on Instagram and use social media but I think sometimes to connect to a local audience, it is good to have local events,” said Mosessa.

All donations from the night went to the Butterfly Foundation which works to support people struggling with eating disorders. “I discovered Butterfly Foundation through someone I admired creatively. I just think it is so important, everyone has parts about their body that they don’t love and it’s about starting to embrace the journey to love yourself,” said Saba.

Since 2017, Praise You has raised more than $13,000 for the Butterfly Foundation which goes towards resources as well as creating awareness of their work.

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