Short filmmakers Sean Loch and Sam Price have had success with their latest short film, Preymaking it into the West End Film Festival.

The local West End residents are excited to be able to share the film with the community that helped bring it to the big screen. “We are both very proud to be surrounded by such a supportive local community,” Loch said. “It feels great to be able to show an Australian film to an Australian audience, and while we both have greater international aspirations, it’s incredibly important to us to be able to creatively express close to home.”

The duo attended the festival last year with their previous short film, SleepwalkerSean said that the out of all the festivals he has attended, this was his favourite. “The audience reaction to our film was exactly what we were hoping for, and I think it had a lot to do with the unique setting. With rows of seats inside a dark corrugated iron chamber, it felt like we were were on a flight to somewhere dangerous. Both the Projection quality and the sound were amazing, really pushing the cinematic experience. We are really look forward to coming back this year.”

Prey is a short film that was produced for the Queensland University of Technology (QUT). The plot revolves around a young woman who catches the unwanted attention of a creepy hotel manager. Dayna Watson, a former student at the QUT, has helped organiser fundraiser to assist in bringing the short film to life. She says some of the biggest joint-fundraisers for the short film were the QUT Entertainment Gala, and the graduating QUT Endslate showcase.

“We are humbled by the support we received from the community, with our fundraising efforts exceeding our wildest expectations. The short film we all produced also showcases the best of what we learnt at QUT as well as our own growth as students. We are very proud.”

The crew is now waiting to hear back from numerous film festivals across Australia and the world.

Prey will be posted on Loch and Price’s YouTube channel, Night 55 Filmsshortly.

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