Altar of the Thirteenth Eye and 4ZZZ have been running Psych Out! Open Jam Sessions at the Bearded Lady for a month and a half with the final session occurring on August 20.

The organisers Tara and Cat had originally only planned to do sessions throughout July but after the final one they had lots of people come up to them and ask to keep going. “We also felt that it was just starting to get traction, so we decided to keep it going for three more weeks,” says Tara. Although they are taking a break after the August 20 Jam Session they are definitely interested in doing more, “We do want to keep them going, we are planning on doing some towards the end of the year.”


Tara and Cat started the Psych Out! Open Jam sessions at the Bearded Lady when a friend contacted them with the idea, “We were both separately thinking of doing something similar,” says Tara, “so we followed that synchronicity and made it happen!” The Jam Sessions have an excellent atmosphere with people from different communities in Brisbane meeting and connecting, Tara says “there are no cliques or judgments, everyone’s been really supportive of each other.” Tara really enjoys seeing people that have never met before get up on stage and just start creating music together, “You see all the musicians connect on a non-verbal level and it’s great to see where the music goes.”


Tara and Cat are also in a heavy psych band called Dreamtime and a moody country/sludge band called Moonshine. They enjoy the more formal band performances but they always like to incorporate elements of improvisation into their songs, “it adds that special shimmer of the unknown for both the audience and the band,” says Tara. While they were originally inspired to play music by artists like Black Sabbath, Kyuss, and Jimi Hendrix, Tara expresses a love for all kinds of music, which shows in her passion for fostering the Jam Sessions.

Entry is free so go check out the performance on August 20 and keep an eye out for more Psych Out! Open Jam sessions later in the year.

Words by Jessica Brown