A witty satire, PUFFS The Play takes the familiar and turns it into a zany demonstration of the electrifying thrill of theater magic. PUFFS have left audiences beaming across the world, bringing fans of a certain boy wizard together to celebrate the pop culture phenomena. 13 young performers take to the stage in versatile costumes and sneakers, their enthusiasm and dedication the star of the show. 

Produced by Tilted Windmill Theatricals in association with TEG Live, PUFFS centers around an average boy who is sent to wizard school with the dream to be a hero. This boy is the one and only, Wayne Hopkins who, along with his other PUFF friends, spends the next seven years navigating a school that suspiciously seems to be less about learning and more about dodging dangerous shenanigans.  

The enthusiasm of the cast drives the show. Clearly well rehearsed, the script blends comedic timing, synchronised physical choreography and lightning fast costume changes that make the play a snappy and quirky affair. The joy that the cast derives from the performance is evident and strengthens their lovable PUFF persona’s. The cast are aided by satisfying special effects that are any drama lovers dream. Suave traditional magic tricks are coupled with stripped back props that reflect the technology available in an old castle. 

The Brisbane Powerhouse is the perfect venue for PUFFS. The winding staircases and brickwork immerse audiences from the moment they enter the building. This is very much a venue that matches the play with ease. Playing until the end of September, it suggested that anyone interested in attending the school of witchcraft accio tickets fast.  

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