Betty Moinet is the director of Le Festival, which runs in Brisbane from 5 to 7 July. The festival will have French markets, food masterclasses and all the best French entertainment. We sat down with Betty and asked her what she likes best about the 4101.

Best thing about living or working in the 4101?
Definitely the people. I have never known anywhere to have such an interesting panel of personalities.

Favourite place for breakfast in the area?
When we go out for brunch we love going to Naim, and next on my list is Gauge.

The best coffee can be found at…
Novotel South Bank when Alizee – my daughter – is the barista. She knows how I like my cappuccino!

This winter, I will be doing more of…
With Le Festival being the first weekend of July, I will be earning a much deserved rest this winter. I’ll be sleeping in a little longer and spending more time with my family and friends.

On Friday after work, you will find me…
First weekend of July I will be having my Friday drinks with a very large number of guests at South Bank to celebrate the 9th Brisbane French Festival. All other Fridays, I will be sharing a very healthy glass of wine (or maybe two) with the love of my life and friends.

What I wish more people knew about Le Festival…
Le Festival is an iconic event on the Queensland cultural scene. What people do not know is that we are a not-for-profit association, run all year round by 20 plus amazing volunteers, and only made possible with the 250 plus volunteers joining us over the weekend.

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