The Queensland Maritime Museum has put on hold its trial re-opening this weekend, due to the State Government COVID restrictions.

QMM had planned the trial re-opening on January 9 and 10 as a vital step to see if further openings are possible for the museum. It was to still operate under a Covid Safe Plan, which meant visits would be timed.  Visitors would have one hour to experience indoor exhibits, and a second hour to walk around QMM’s extensive site, taking in such vessels as HMAS Diamantina, the pear lugger Penguin, Steam Tug Forceful, and Jessica Watson’s yacht Ella’s Pink Lady.

QMM launched a petition in November to encourage members to get engaged with QMM and express their support for the companies survival. In a fortunate turn of events, QMM welcome 2021 by marking 10,000 signatures on their petition. 2020 was one of the most challenging years in Queensland Maritime Museum’s history, with its closure in November prompted by the need to reassess its financial situation and hold strategic discussions between management and key stakeholders.

As custodians of one of the largest collections of maritime artefacts, and vessels, QMM believe it is their responsibility to find the best outcome. Graham Price, a retired Harbours and Marine officer, former Captain of the Steam Tug Forceful, and former President of QMM, unfortunately, passed away on October 27, 2020. Graham was an Honour Member of QMM and was instrumental in many restoration efforts. Graham passed at the age of 95, the same age of his beloved boat Forceful, which was built in Scotland in 1925. 2020 saw the Forceful’s story become immortal in a children’s book, Pride of the River.

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