Year 2020 marks 250 years since the birth of the incomparable Ludwig van Beethoven, recently voted Australia’s favourite composers, and, to celebrate Queensland Symphony Orchestra joins orchestras across the globe in celebrating, with a series of nine concerts and special tributes featuring the music of the man whose symphonies have been called the ‘cornerstones of Western civilisation’.

Queensland Symphony Orchestra is proud to present two world premieres in 2020 including, Gershwin to Gypsy Baron and Gladiator to a German Goliath. 

In 2020, Queensland Symphony Orchestra truly cements its position as an Orchestra for Everyone with two concerts celebrating famous film scores, Reel Classics and Cinematic, as well as the latest instalments of the Harry Potter and Star Wars Live concert series. The youngest of classical music lovers are in for a treat with a special performance of Abbott’s The Peasant Prince, an interactive experience for the whole family based on Li Cunxin’s best-selling children’s book.

“Queensland Symphony Orchestra is an Orchestra for Everyone, which means we want to be an orchestra for all Queenslanders. We want to offer concerts that appeal to a broad range of people that aims to introduce everyone to the magic of orchestral music. Our concerts – whether that is a Shostakovich symphony or the latest Harry Potter film with orchestra – provide immense joy to those attending,” said Chief Executive Craig Whitehead.

“There is something unique and magical about the sound of a live orchestra and our 2020 season aims to continue to provide that sense of joy, wonder, and spine tingles. Whether you come for the virtuosity of the performers, the emotional journeys that orchestral music can take us on, or just for a wonderful night out, our Orchestra For Everyone aims to have a concert for everyone in our arsenal for next year.”

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