Queensland Theatre Company throws open its Montague Road doors this April to share world-class theatre with 4101.

Featuring an eclectic mix of productions, the works are set to thrill audiences, stir curiosity and provoke conversations.QTC proudly supports local playwrights and creatives to stage work featuring stories that reflect and shape us. Bastard Territory, by award-winning playwright Stephen Carleton, is a confessional human drama about a man — and a city — carving out an identity. Mixing wry humour, raw insight, a dash of Tennessee Williams and a killer 60s and 70s soundtrack, it’s a powerful and affecting yarn. Russell thought he’d made peace with his past, but the skeletons won’t stay in the closet — even if he came out of it long ago. It’s Darwin in 2001, and Russell and his boyfriend run The Tectonic Plate – a hip cafe, art gallery and queer cabaret dive. Its walls are about to be shaken by some earth-shattering truths. Suddenly, unpleasant memories are dredged up from the murky past and Russell has a new fire to find out the truth of his biological parentage.

Katherine Lyall-Watson’s intelligent, cleverly constructed and carefully researched historical play, Motherland, left audiences and critics raving after its premiere at Metro Arts. Based in fact, the epic and intimate Motherland intertwines the sweeping stories of three very different women from different times, united in the heartache of exile from their homelands. Brisbane-born Nell Tritton travelled the world, marrying the Russian Prime Minister and helping him flee the Nazis in World War II. Feisty writer and academic Nina quit her native Russia for Paris, but has returned in her twilight years. And single mother Alyona is a Russian museum curator whisked away to Brisbane by an Australian businessman, in search of a brighter future that may just collapse before her eyes.