Raw‘s latest showcase Stellar was held in Brisbane at The Met and drew a range of artists from around the city. Raw holds showcases around the world to spotlight independent artists in their local area, welcoming all talents from music, beauty, crafts and more.

The Met was packed from opening, with flocks of people drawn to see the local talents; the variety of people attending proves that art can be for everyone. For people scouting interesting decor for a special occasion; Flora Hoops displayed hoops covered in delicate floral blooms, while Everlasting Knots had an intricate assortment of macrame wall hangings. For those who were seeking stylish accessories there was a huge variety of jewelry; resin and clay earrings by Her Collection, vibrant crystal jewelry by Marmalade Sunset, sustainable sterling silver jewelry by Alice’s Earth, and more.

The Met has a layout of large rooms, with smaller rooms tucked away so that attendees could explore and continue to discover new artists while sipping their drinks. There were stalls lining every wall, with artists set-up to sell and display their work. Every artist had a large smile plastered across their face, happy to meet and greet attendees. Each artist’s stall stood out with its own distinct style from gorgeous ceramics by Zed Ceramics, bold artworks by Kaitlin Rogers Creative, up-cycled bags by Eclectic Salvage, and much more.

The central point for the night was a stage on the lower floor with a catwalk where artists were introduced by a lively host, and musicians played with a gorgeous projected backdrop. The music had a varied range from rap to melodious vocals accompanied by piano. The music flooded out through the whole building so it could be enjoyed while browsing the stalls.

Raw showcased a varied range of talents during Stellar, supporting independent businesses and giving them a place to shine. Brisbane’s next Raw showcase will be held at The Met again in September under the name Evoke.

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