Last Saturday, 30 August, Wandering Cooks played host to Brisbane’s first ever Reel Food Night presented by the Youth Food Movement.

It was not just for youths, of course, young children played outside while their parents and young-at-hearters sat inside where the main action was happening. The focal point of the evening comprised of three short, thought-provoking film screenings about the food we consume. There was a Q&A session and discussion with an expert panel after each screening that proved to be highly enjoyable and educational; especially as the curious audience also got to ask their own set of food questions.

FREE_SEEDSDuring the intermissions, attendees grabbed some refreshments, deliberated upon what they saw and shared their thoughts with each other. Speaking of which, there was a table set up for attendees to share their responses to the question  “What keeps you up at night about food?” by scribbling on small pieces of paper and pegging them up on the fence.

To encourage attendees to implement what they had learned about the current and future issues relating to our food system, there was a table with envelopes of free snow pea and carrot seeds. As if the evening was not already sufficiently entertaining, DJ Desmond Cheese closed the evening with a bang. All in all, it was a fantastic social night where everyone participated and learned more about a highly important topic that affects us all.

Words by Rachel Lee | Images by Matt Taylor