The masterful collaboration 4Seasons between the Australian Expressions Dance Company and the Hong Kong based City Contemporary Dance Company was nothing short of magic. The performance was choreographed by different artists, yet portraying a consistent theme of the fast-changing seasons of life. Kristina Chan, Dominic Wong and Natalie Weir’s enthralling performance captures the vulnerability of each individual dancer, showcasing a range of haunting solos, dynamic duos and breathtaking collective effort.

The introduction choreographed by Kristina Chan, was accompanied by a haunting and suspenseful performance from the City Contemporary Dance Company. The choreography explored the overwhelming effects of global warming, posing the question of whether humanity will band together to make better change in these urgent times. The following section Day After Day, choreographed by Dominic Wong, features the Expressions Dance Company. The dancers navigate their way through the departures and reunions of lovers, alike the cycle of seasons. The effortless flow of this performance captures the agility and strength of the dancers, forming a truly moving depiction of the reality of human relationships.

The final choreography by Natalie Weir merges the two companies and is an inspiring summary of the stages of life and love. Four different couples at different stages in their lives together were presented, the eternal youth of spring, storm clouds of summer, the tenderness of autumn and the ageing of winter. The familiar track The 4 Seasons by Anthony Vivaldi, was beautifully recomposed by Max Ritcher to accompany the stunning performance. This final stage highlights the uniqueness of each individual dancer yet, connects them all through the power of the human experience. The undeniable connection by the universal language of dance was moving. These two companies created a timeless piece that captured the essence of love, loss and the seasons of life.

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