As part of MELT Festival, BRIEFS: Close Encounters opened on Wednesday 24 May at Brisbane Powerhouse. The night was a celebration of glitter, “fabulous-ness”, and futuristic fun in true burlesque style.

The Brisbane-based act combined circus, drag, burlesque and comedy in a night audiences will truly never forget. Briefs Factory, as they go by, is a Brisbane-based creative collective who manufacture, cultivate and present evocative physical performance. They celebrated only the best aspects of masculinity and genuine decency, and most of the time they did it in heels.

Everything about this performance was awe-inspiring from the stunning (and lack of) outfits, to the score that ranged from fun classics to contemporary dance pop, to the lighting and stage production. Another aspect worth mentioning is the thematic brilliance within each element of the performance which showcased impeccable detail to the eccentric characters, costumes and dreamy settings. These performers can literally do it all, from acting to extraordinary dancing, trapeze acts and acrobatics. The work started with a saucy dance number and then moved to racy circus acts such as juggling, hula hooping and equilibristics. What impressed crowds the most was the sheer charisma of the performers who thoroughly entertained us with there sharp wit, relevant social commentary and suave.

It is safe to say that throughout the entirety of the performance, the audience was either hysterically laughing or gaping in awe at the raw talent of the performers. Through all the glitz and glam of the evening, the real take away message was to “be kind to one another”, and this group led by example, even if they added a little sass now and then.

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