Best known for their electrifying live sets and funky dance moves, musical group Confidence Man lit up the stage on Friday 4 May at Brisbane’s The Triffid. Unfamiliar with this confident pseudonym-riled group? Imagine The Jungle Giants, The Belligerents and Moses Gunn Collective had a beautiful electro-baby after a couple of Red Bulls – that is Confidence Man, the cool kids your parents do not want you to know.

I have attended more Confidence Man gigs than I care to admit, and they never seem to disappoint, with Friday’s live show proving no different. With their sudden emergence onto Australia’s music scene, the band continues to be celebrated for their edgy, psych tunes and carefree dance routines. Before the set we were greeted with equally cool Perth duo Mystery Twins and their slow 90s folk-rock tracks, reminiscent of bands like The Breeders. Soon came Reggie Goodchild, Clarence McGuffie, Janet Planet and Sugar Bones (as they are now known), who revved up the crowd in classic Confidence Man style, with crowd favourites Better Sit Down Boy and Bubblegum. As is with every one of their gigs, I found myself lost in the rhythmic synths of songs Catch my Breath and C.O.O.L. Party until it came time to get low for best known track Boyfriend.

These guys have the very cool ability to transport crowds to a number of eras, all in one set. From disco-pop numbers Out the Window to new favourite track Don’t you Know I’m in a Band which features Sugar Bone’s low-vocals and a hint of K-Pop vibes for good measure. Whether you are a 70s flare-wearing hippie or a grungy 90s kid, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Just make sure you are ready to dirty up those white Nikes because these guys (and girl) will have you up and dancing the whole way through each stellar set.

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