After the massive success of Deadpool in 2016, Deadpool Two was brought to you in early 2018, with the same outrageous and morbid comedy brought to you by Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds). For a special christmas edition Deadpool Two has been remade to be child friendly.

Once upon a Deadpool takes another swing at doing Deadpool Two but for a younger audience. Introducing a new side story line featuring Fred Savage as himself. Fred was kidnapped by Wade and kept on a set styled as the children’s bedroom from one of Fred’s early movies The Princess Bride. The film then plays out as if Deadpool is reading the story to Fred as he is strapped to the bed in a hostage like situation.

Deadpool reads from what appears to be a picture book the story of Deadpool Two without the F-bombs and other cussin’. The comedy and raw violence still occurs but in a reduced manner, that allows for the movie to be rated as PG-13, however this rating is for the USA, sadly in Australia it still hits higher with an M-rating.

The movie is still filled with a lot of the adult’s favourite one liners and well-timed meaningful looks that allow for the audience to become privy to Deadpool’s morbid and dirty sense of humour. Breaking the fourth wall is still a factor that is well loved about this movie and does keep the kids in the dark about many of the inappropriate and sexy innuendos.

The film is outrageous, action packed and now good for younger views with the R-rating scrubbed back. With the introduction of a new story telling method you get a fresh look at the movie with a few extra lines in there to make you laugh. As always the post-credit clips are a winner with a very meaningful and heartfelt segment dedicated to Stan Lee.

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