The travel industry is booming and niche forms of travel are popping up. From art camps to adventure holidays there is something for everyone. But if you have ever left one of these holidays feeling drained and more tired than when you left, you might want to look into a health retreat.

If you are like me, you hear health retreat and think yoga, boredom and no phone signal. In April, I had the opportunity to try the Eden Health Retreat and my mind has been completely changed. Nestled in the Currumbin Valley on a secluded plot of lush rainforest, the retreat is a private place to bring some much needed health and tranquility back into your life. You will wake every morning with the sun and watch the fog pool around the luscious, green peaks of the Springbrook National Park. After gathering yourself for a few moments, you then wander down to the yoga studio and join one of the experienced instructors for a relaxing morning routine.

The retreat runs week long health packages which encourage you to unwind in whatever way is best for you. This might mean participating in as many health and fitness activities as you can or booking in for a spa treatment and laying by the heated lap pool. There is also a spa, sauna, indoor gym, private Pilates classes, basketball and tennis courts, massage and beauty therapy treatments and extensive hiking trails. During all this activity, you’ll be fed with seasonal menus designed by an in-house nutritionist. The food is filling, delicious and incredibly good for you. You leave Eden feeling refreshed, energised and enriched with a fresh perspective on healthy life practices. You’ll also have met some amazing people from around Australia.

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