Brisbane Comedy Festival is back and better than ever, with one of Brisbane’s favourite improvised theatre companies ImproMafia presenting Heartfelt High, a teen comedy performance drawing on the themes and storylines of classic 90s teen shows like Degrassi High.

For an entirely improvised comedy show, Heartfelt High is a hit. Pretending to be teenagers, some of Brisbane’s funniest adults have managed to create instant scenes that somehow link together in the end to form a hilarious piece of last-minute comedy.

Directed by Luke Rimmelzwaan, this piece of 90s nostalgia has its audience laughing, crying and cringing (in the best possible way) from start to finish. For some, it even means getting to relive the glory days of bad fashion, teenage crushes and exploring one’s self-identity.

The performers worked seamlessly together, setting each other up for their scenes and working quickly to create a smooth storyline while still getting a good laugh from the audience – even when the actors broke character for a split second to laugh at their own ideas.

ImproMafia have brought something fresh to Brisbane Comedy Festival this year – the art of improvised comedy. Not only does it keep viewers on their toes (not to mention the actors), it also provides a sense of authenticity and new level of connectedness between the performers and their audience.

If you’re looking for comedy that is different and unexpected, press pause on your Discman, layer on the denim and go check out ImproMafia’s Heartfelt High playing at Brisbane Comedy Festival until Sunday.

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