New movie Little follows the story of a ruthless girl boss and tech mogul Jordan Sanders played by Regina Hall and Marsai Martin as little Jordan.

Jordan is well known for tormenting her assistant April played by Issa Rae and staff. However things change when she is magically transformed back to her 13-year old self before a pitch that is crucial to keeping her company afloat. Jordan soon finds herself relying on her assistant more then ever before. However the same attitude she had when she was grown does not work as a teen and she is forced to change her ways. Jordan is made to reflect on her attitude in order to try and get back to her grown self.

The movie plot looks at themes of growing up and staying true to yourself despite what people might think. It also touches on bullying and how that can sometimes force a person to change and in some circumstances become the bully themselves in order  to not suffer any further ridicule. The main message to audiences is to not let the world change you just because it may be different or not considered cool. These important messages intricately weaved throughout are all tied together within a clever comedic genre.

This feel-good movie is a great pick for school holidays and for adults alike as sometimes we all need to be reminded of the important message of staying true to yourself. Overall this movie will not disappoint, you will walk out of the cinema feeling uplifted, entertained and of course having  received your daily dose of laughter.

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