Peppa and George are coming to the big screen for their muddiest adventure yet in Peppa Pig’s Festival of Fun.

The movie length Peppa Pig comprises 10 discrete episodes of the animated children’s favourite. Peppa and her friends celebrate Grandpa Pig’s Birthday, enjoy the fun of a children’s festival and visit the cinema to see Super Potato’s latest movie. Only two of the episodes have a continuing story line, similar to the style of Peppa’s Australian Holiday; these episodes are designed to be played either in a continuous stream with no break, or as separate episodes with their own credits.

The episodes are wrapped with a host of singing, dancing and learning games for children, hosted by Peppa’s friends. This breaks up the monotony of watching 10 Peppa Pig’s in a row–though no doubt many children would be content to do just that. Billed as a first movie experience for little ones, it is an effective introduction to the cinema. Maintaining a toddler’s attention for a feature length movie can be challenging, but commanding it for a five minute Peppa Pig episode is less so. The title card and credits roll at the beginning and end of each episode within the movie and squeals of delight were heard each and every time Peppa appeared with the familiar “I’m Peppa Pig…”

Some new characters have been introduced for the movie, including Super Potato (voiced by Alexander Armstrong, who those listening well may recognise as the narrator of another popular children’s program Hey Dougie), a superhero version of the usually seen Mr Potato. There are also plenty of jokes which only the adults will understand, a trend which the Peppa creators seem to have embraced in recent seasons.

Peppa Pig’s Festival of Fun is now playing in cinemas.

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