Share My Blankets is a heart-warming performance by Titled Projects as part of MELT Festival at Brisbane’s Powerhouse Thursday 17 May to Saturday 19 May. The act showcased a combination of live sound, games, comedy and heart-felt messages.

Supported by a live electro and acoustic two-piece band, Aly explores the past five years of her life, from coming into queerness to opening up about her sexual experiences. The work is based off of Aly’s Tumblr and other online posts and features gorgeously warm vocals and intimate moments of truths.

Aly, along with her band of equally fabulous members, sported funky outfits and outrageous glitter. Though, it was not just the outfits that provided the performance with a unique charm, it was the warmth and radiance of the performers that left you wanting more. The crew are a part of Tilted Projects, who works to showcase untold queer stories that reflect the contemporary landscape. This definitely showed, from the laugh out loud moments to the quiet ones that filled the space with grounding realism. The group also added some great local colour, by referencing favourite hot-spot Rics Bar. There was even a quick game of pass the parcel towards the end of the performance which required audience members to read out folded bits of paper containing questions for the performers. This got everyone involved, and by the end of it, the space felt so intimate, as if everyone had just made a roomful of friends.

Overall, this performance was an endearing and heart warming show, with the trio possessing the ability to make every member of the audience laugh and feel comfortable simultaneously. Though the tale was somewhat similar to other “coming of age” stories, it was done with individual flair and charisma.

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