Two Man Tarantino invites you to rummage through the archives at Red Apple Video, the last DVD rental store in Brisbane. The first thing you find is a bored-out-of-his-brains employee dancing to the Backstreet Boys.

The employee, played by Stephen Hirst (The Boy From Oz, Much Ado About Nothing), is equally as passionate about his love for Quentin Tarantino and his dislike for Netflix. Emily Kristopher (QLD Winner RAW Comedy, Single Asian Female) plays a loyal, socially deprived customer who is trying not to become unhinged by a bad break up.

After Stephen reduces her movie taste down to Eat, Pay, Love and Sex & The City, Emily decides she must prove that she is the ultimate Tarantino fan. Through a series of fingers guns, Samuel L. Jackson impersonations, and impressively choreographed fight scenes, the two super fans battle it out earning points for every movie reference they can think of.

The pair reenact iconic scenes from Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, Inglorious Bastards, Django Unchained, Kill Bill, Jackie Brown, and Death Proof. From Pulp Fiction’s “You know what they call a Quarter Pounder with Cheese in Paris?” to a run through of Kill Bill’s Crazy 88 scene, this play has Tarantino fans covered.

The 60-minute play is written by co-creator of the international comedy sensation The Naked Magicians, Christopher Wayne, and is directed by one of Australia’s best stage-storytellers Maureen Bowra. The talented team will be performing Two Man Tarantino from 29 November to 2 of December at the Brisbane Powerhouse.

It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see two great Aussie actors go head to head with their Christopher Walkin impressions.

My only word of warning, beware the splash zone! It would not be Tarantino without a little, or a lot, of blood right?

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