New romantic comedy The Flip Side is a lighthearted romance comedy which follows the love life of a young struggling restaurateur who gets a surprising visit from an ex.

Comedian Eddie Izzard is casted as Henry, a renowned movie star from England who visits Adelaide to promote his upcoming film along with his seductive French girlfriend Sophie played by Vanessa Guide. Jeff who is an aspiring writer and loving finance (played by Luke McKenzie) unknowingly accepts the invitation to meet Henry which puts Ronnie (performed by Emily Taheny) in an peculiar situation with her ex.

Having not heard back from Henry in five years, temptation lurks within Ronnie with the possibilities with her former lover as she faces mounting debt, a mentally ill mother and a lazy boyfriend. Taheny’s performance as Ronnie is one that is genuine and which audience can relate to as she navigates through the situation. This all spells for a recipe for disaster and is somewhat predictable. However, overall it was an amusing and enjoyable experience as we tag along to the mischief between the two couples.

Bring a friend, grab a glass of wine (preferrably “a bloody good shiraz” as recommended by Henry) and enjoy the film. The Flip Side is now in cinemas.

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