The Jetty South Bank knows its property may be prime, but there’s a lot more to delighting customers than providing them with dinner and a view. While it’s recently overhauled its menu, the River Quay has not just preserved, but improved, the quality of food and service.

I’d forgotten how much of a difference great service can make until we went to The Jetty. Our waiter was nothing short of extraordinary — warm, welcoming, attentive, with such a passion and knowledge for each item on the menu it was like he had prepared it himself. That’s the kind of camaraderie you want to encounter when you walk into a restaurant; the energy between all the staff suggested an atmosphere where each one treated The Jetty as more than just a job. 

Of course, the menu makes it easy to be so excited about the food. After beginning with the Tasmanian oysters — plump, juicy, the perfect intersection of buttery and briny— my partner and I both opted for the specials. I had the salmon, which veered more on the rare side of medium, a delight to my sashimi-loving sensibilities, and was paired with a salad and sweet potato fries. The latter turned out to be great bargaining chips for my partner’s kangaroo butchers board, cooked rare and crusted with spices, somehow managing to be both sweet and savoury. Though it’s unfortunately not always a menu staple, I trust that the chefs are similarly skilled with any other ingredient that comes before them.

The menu’s main changes are an effort to shift to Vietnamese fusion, and new additions include a papaya salad that can be spruced up with lemongrass chicken, crispy fried squid and tempura soft-shell crab.

For something heartier, try beef cheek pho or charred beef rib.

In anticipation of summer weather, The Jetty has made sure that your view of the river has the perfect drink to go along with it: they’ve added a tropical twist with the likes of a coconut espresso martini. Split the Jetty Sangria — red or white wine, Absolut Vodka, Cointreau, orange, apple, lime, strawberries, and lemonade — with your friends. The wine list isn’t extensive, but it covers a decent amount of ground with primarily national bottles and the occasional Italian or French varietal thrown in.

Early risers also have a new spot to grab their morning flat white and pastry: The Jetty South Bank will be serving takeaway coffee and treats from 7 AM onwards.

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