With only 10 days to organise their entire wedding, newly engaged couple Lauren (Miranda Tapsell) and Ned (Gwilym Lee) have no time to waste. The pair catch the next flight to Darwin so they can make Lauren’s dream of getting married in the city where she grew up with all her family and friends. As they arrive, the couple are greeted by the news that her mother has left her father and gone galivanting around the Northern Territory. In a desperate bid to reunite her family before the wedding, Lauren and Ned head off on a wild goose chase and in the process discover the true meaning of family

As Lauren and Ned are on a journey for themselves, Top End Wedding takes its viewers on a scenic tour of the vast and wondrous landscapes of Australia’s Northern Territory. Sweeping wide shots of land and sea from Katherine to the Tiwi Islands are scattered throughout the film, inspiring a sense of awe and wonder for the unique scenery. Director Wayne Blair, who also directed The Sapphires, has found a fantastic balance between showcasing Australia’s rich Indigenous culture and language without trivialising it and watering it down for a wider audience.

Throughout the film, Lauren grapples with an internal conflict regarding her Tiwi Island heritage and how she fits in with this ancestry she is largely out of touch with. Identity and family are driving themes behind this poignant and heart-warming plotline which also explores how important and valuable having such connections can be. Subtle Australian humour is woven perfectly into each scene and is sure to keep viewers entertained regardless of their age. Top End Wedding is released in cinemas on Thursday 2 May and is sure to be a family favourite.

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