Brisbane’s biggest stair climb will be held with Brisbane’s corporate, sporting, fitness and philanthropic communities coming together to scale the 1040 steps across 55 levels to the rooftop of the iconic ONE ONE ONE Eagle Street. The event will raise funds for Women’s Legal Service Queensland to help tackle domestic and family violence.

Women’s Legal Service Queensland is a free legal help service for women with domestic violence, complex family law and sexual assault cases, where counselling privilege matters. Ending violence against women involves support from the whole community which is why River to Rooftop is dedicating proceeds to the service.

The individual record for scaling the 1040 steps 5 minutes and 53 seconds, but as serial competitor and West End local Amy Clunes reveals, you don’t have to be a professional athlete to be part of the annual River to Rooftop Stair Climb event. Ms Clunes said the event is not only a great way to stay fit but a great opportunity to raise money for essential services. “Raising money for Women’s Legal Service Queensland is very important to me, the legal profession can be an expensive minefield for anyone, let alone people in a desperate situation. This event is an opportunity for me to raise funds to support women in need and it helps me to stay fit throughout the cooler winter months,” she said.

There are terrific prizes on offer including awards for the highest fundraising individuals and teams as well as the fastest participants. The business community is getting behind the event with stalls from Chobani, Fisiocrem, PERKII, Lululemon and SQD Athletica. Only medium level of fitness is required to be part of the event.

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