Former microbiologist, Shaf Mussa, now owner, roaster and barista at Plantation Coffee Roasters is very excited about what the future may hold. What started as a home experiment with a domestic coffee machine has now exploded into a coffee enterprise – a roasting house, a wholesale distributor and coffee shop.

Plantation Coffee Roasters situated on Boundary Street has only been open for four months, but has already laid down its stamp of making reputable coffee in the 4101 area.  “We’re regularly pretty busy,” said Shaf Mussa.

Having amassed a great deal of experience through being a barista and coffee roaster for a combined seven years, Shaf is no novice when it comes to coffee. “I’ve been able to pick up a lot,” he said. “It’s all about the ride. I want to give people the chance to taste the rest of the world.”

Shaf’s humble beginnings have led to a fresh and original coffee haven.

Located on 140 Boundary Street, Plantation Coffee allows you to leave the hustle and bustle outside as you step into the cafe. While the vast roadside window provides a prime spot to lap up West End’s unique vibrant atmosphere and culture, complemented by smooth jazz notes. On offer coffee-wise is a house-blend, concocted from a mixture of African and South American beans.

This particular blend has taken some two months of experimentation to refine, with Shaf making extensive use of his science background. The result is a deep chocolate hit, which is followed by hints of tropical fruit acidity rounded off with subtle cinnamon notes. My usual cappuccino was made of the house-blend, with its depth instantly noticeable, making for a sensually rich coffee to start the day on.

There is also a single-origin on offer, which is currently from the Himalayas – hardly a renowned coffee producing region, but perhaps a well-kept secret. “This particular one is grown 2200 to 2400 meters above sea level,” explains Shaf. “Pure ice-melt water is fed into crop.”

The result is a very thick brew, with a sweet caramel or toffee taste.

For more information, feel free to call Shaf Mussa at 0421 102 762 or look them up on Facebook.