Rock and Roll Writers Festival, staged in Brisbane on April 2 and 3, celebrated and informally discussed the creative relationship between writing and music. Set to do it all again for 2017, the festival attracted a mixed crowd of musicians, novelists, journalists, music reviewers, songwriters and avid readers, creating an atmosphere that was both welcoming and energetic at The Brightside in Fortitude Valley.

With an array of panellists such as Friday Neon presenter Bec Mac, Brisbane’s Dune Rats drummer and songwriter BC Michaels, and multi-award winning novelist Nicole Hayes, amongst others, fans of music and writing alike had the opportunity to take part in themed discussions, presentations and Q and As on how music and literature influence one another.

Covering often hilarious and unconventional subjects, Rock and Roll Writers Festival encouraged discussion and lighthearted debate on topics such as how music can communicate emotions better than words, how the excitement of passion can be put into words, and how a single line from a song can take you back to a memory or place.

With a mixed bag of panellists, speakers and audience members, Rock and Roll Writers Festival set the scene for a dialogue marked by honesty, open-mindedness and best of all, a celebration of freedom of speech.

Words by Melissa Fletcher
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